Sharon A. Haughton 

Sharon Haughton is the associate pastor at Faith Temple Worship Center, New York.  She is a dedicated and motivated member of the leadership team at FTWCNY, where she channels her commitment to the development and growth of the ministry: providing support, active planning and creating outreach opportunities for the advancement of the Kingdom on Yahweh.

Born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies, Sharon was actively involved in her church and community.  Since moving to New York in 2004 she has maintained a solid faith foundation by serving in various capacities such as youth director, outreach planning coordinator and mentor.  She also ministers at churches, colleges and other youth-oriented organizations.

Sharon has devoted her life to ministry and uses her gifts and talents to inspire others through speaking and writing.  Her passion for youth development led to a collaborative effort to create a support network for young women in July 2015.  This forum provides resources, information, and motivation for personal growth in their spiritual lives as well as in their careers and relationships.  She hopes to continue expanding her reach through her writing/blogging and community outreach projects.